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Health Committee
Racism is a public health crisis and our Health Committee is committed to dismantling institutional racism in order to address disparities and inequities.
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We envision a nation where all people are free from the racial and ethnic inequities that undermine optimal health and quality of life.


To promote, protect and maintain the health and well-being of Black/African Americans, Latinos and all people of color in Middlesex County. We will accomplish this by assessing health needs and advocating for health equity in order to achieve positive health outcomes.

Our Current Strategy

To achieve our vision and mission and advance health equity, the Middlesex County NAACP Branch Health Committee embarked on a formal representative focus group study to provide an understanding of the lived experiences of people of color within the systems that contribute to health inequity.


Collaborating with community partners, stakeholders and community members to build collective impact is key to advancing health equity and is foundational to our process. In partnership, we are using the focus group report to guide a collaborative effort in developing strategies for systems change that are in alignment with the needs and preferences of the African American and Hispanic/Latino communities in Middlesex County.

Community Health Resources
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Middlesex Health Community Health Needs Assessment and CHNA Implementation Strategy

Middlesex Health Cancer Center Community
Health Needs Assessment

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